The Military Counterintelligence Service

The Military Counterintelligence Service was established on 1 September 2006. In the period of peace, it is outside the structures of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, but in the event of announcing alarm mobilization or partial mobilization, or during the war it is a part of the Armed Forces of the republic of Poland.

1989 - 2006

III Republic of Poland

As a result of the system changes originated in Poland in 1989, the structures of the military intelligence and counterintelligence were reorganised.

1945 - 1989

Polish People’s Republic

In April 1943, the Soviet Union broke the diplomatic relations with the Government of the Republic of Poland and began to form the People’s Troops of Poland. Along with them, Military Information was organised, which was responsible for the black history of Poland. This service reflected the structure of “SMIERSZ" – soviet counterintelligence bodies of the Red Army. these , in turn, derived directly from the soviet NKVD (The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs). From the beginning, the Military Information was lead by soviet officers, who took the key positions in that organisation almost until the end of its existence. The service applied the modes of training, acting and nomenclature copied from the soviet bodies.

1939 - 1945

World War II

The Poles continued fighting supporting the allies, organising the Polish Armed Forces. The protection against the intelligence and subversion services was provided by the units of the II Information and Intelligence Branch of the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief (Counterintelligence Department) and the Ministry of National Defence (Independent Department of Defence Intelligence). Counterintelligence units at the military units of the PAF collaborated with them.

1921 - 1939

II Republic of Poland

In the years 1921–1939, the military counterintelligence was in the structures of the II Branch of the General Staff (since 1928, the Chief Staff), a leading information service of the II Republic of Poland. In that period it was restructured many times. From 1930 until the outbreak of World War II, the activity of the military counterintelligence was organised and conducted by IIb Department of the Secrecy Security within the II Branch of the CSPA. It had field units established at each of the ten headquarters of military districts and the fleet headquarters.

1918 - 1921

Fight for independence of the II Republic of Poland

The history of the Polish military counterintelligence goes back to the beginning of the II Republic of Poland. The period of organisation and shaping of this formation falls within 1918–1921, when the Polish Army fought for the independence of Poland and its territorial shape.