About MCS
MCS is a secret service responsible for the protection of the country against internal threats for the national defence, security and combat capacity of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and other organisational units subordinate to or supervised by the Minister of National Defence. MCS is a public administration office governed by the Minister of the National Defence. MCS was established on 1 October 2006 pursuant to the Act on the Military Counterintelligence Service and the Military Intelligence Service of 9 June 2006.
The Head of MCS is a central authority of public administration and reports to the Minister of the State Defence, subject to the competences reserved for the President of the Council of Ministers or the Minister Coordinator of Secret Services, should s/he be appointed.

The activity of the Head of MCS is controlled by the Sejm.

(more information: see the Sejm website)

Units in Poland
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Honour and Glory to the Heroes!
On the initiative of the first Head of the Antoni Macierewicz of MCS, a Memorial Exhibition Room was established in 2007. In the building at Wojciecha Oczki and Tytusa Chałubińskiego streets there used to be the seat of the Main Board of the Polish Army Information (GZI WP). The Military Information, as it was called, was created in 1944 in the Soviet Union and organised to reflect “Smiersz" — the soviet counterintelligence bodies. It also took over their personnel and criminal methods of operation. Along with the Ministry of Public Security, it took active part in combating Polish post-war underground structures struggling for independence and was a tool of communist oppression in Poland.